The Orange Tree Holistic Guide to Grief

Updated: Jan 10

"The feeling we used to call GRIEF is really just cashing in our 'LOVE chips' at the casino. We've loved this person or situation for so long that when they die or leave we re-inherit all the love we had for them in one short blast. All that LOVE returning to us so suddenly feels really intense. It can be very uncomfortable in the body to experience such an unexpected blast of emotion - so we automatically label it as something negative and call it GRIEF. But it's really just concentrated LOVE returning all at once.

As a tree grows, it absorbs years and years of sunlight gently over decades. Yet when we burn a log we release all that century of sunlight in half an hour of intense, concentrated heat and light. This is what's happening when the love returns to us that we had invested in the form and personality of the one who’s gone. We call it GRIEF but it's really years of LOVE returning intensely all at once."

~Jaime Catto