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The Orange Tree's Holistic Guide to Depression

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

It's interesting that the word 'Depressed' breaks down phonetically to 'Deep Rest'....

Depression is your body's way of telling you you need to be still and rest. Depression can also provide you with the opportunity to connect to you and work with the aspects within yourself that you have not accepted and have repressed. Working with these aspects cannot only lead to a deeper understanding of yourself but profound healing and transformations as well.

There are many types of holistic healing practices that can help you through this difficult time including crystals, aromatherapy, flower remedies, meditations, mantras and foods. Please feel free to take what you wish from the suggestions. Reiki Masters believe (and now science is proving) that thought is energy, vibrating at a very high frequency, while the human body is energy vibrating at a lower frequency. Vibrations produce actions and actions produce reactions at bigger and bigger levels of frequency in a ripple effect!

While positive thoughts are universally acknowledged to manifest as health, negative thoughts are held to

produce disease or lack of ease. Mental disease is manifested as depression, depressive psychosis, mania or even schizophrenia. There is a lot of study gone into the effects of thought on your reality. Here are some example mantras that you can use:

1. I love myself unconditionally.

 2. I am STRONG!

3. I allow only healthy and loving relationships into my life.

4. Life wants the best for me. I am OK with where I am right now.

5. I am connected and comfortable in all environments, with all people.

6. I find and enjoy the simple pleasures life is offering right now.

7. How I feel matters, therefore I concentrate on aspects of life that make me feel good!

8. My challenges bring me better opportunities.

9. My mood creates a physiological response in my body. I am peaceful and positive!

10. I am in control of my thoughts and my life.

11. I love myself and who I am.

 Try writing the ones relevant to you around the house. On the mirror, or by the kettle, on your phone background etc etc. The more you read them the more they become true.

Treating depression with Reiki is fast becoming a sought-after alternative to modern drugs. Reiki deals with depression as negative energy. Negative energy manifests at the aura level as imbalance in the Chakras or energy centers and is visible to the Reiki practitioner as grey or black spots in the aura. Imbalance of the energy centers causes reactions at a physical level, for the energy center governs the health or disease of the organs and endocrine glands located within its purview.

The Chakra System and Depression

The Chakras that are usually blocked in a person who is depressed are the lower--the root chakra, the naval chakra, and to some extent the solar plexus chakra, which is part of the middle group.

The Root Chakra anchors the person to the earth. It represents the physical will and is associated with the

spinal column, bones, teeth, nails, anus, rectum, colon, prostrate gland, blood and the building of cells. The Suprarenal glands, which produce adrenalin and influence body temperature, are governed by condition of the root chakra. The person whose root chakra is out of balance cannot accept life or enjoy physical existence. The creative energy of such a person is low and self-expression is not considered necessary. The person will have a tendency to overindulge in sensual pleasures such as overeating, alcohol, sex etc. He or she becomes selfish, self-centred. Physically the person becomes overweight and suffers from constipation. When challenged the person becomes irritable, aggressive, upset, violent and displays a complete lack of trust. If the Chakra is completely blocked the person will lack physical and emotional stamina and will be filled with feelings of uncertainty.

The Sacral Chakra is the creative and reproductive center of the being. It is associated with the pelvic girdle, kidneys, bladder and all liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juices and the regulation of the female menstrual cycle. The glands associated with this chakra are the Prostrate, gonads, ovaries and testicles. If this energy center is active and free of blocks the person exhibits freedom in self-expression and life appears interesting. Interpersonal relationships are regarded as beautiful. A disharmonious chakra induces the person turn off sensual messages and display low self-esteem, emotional paralysis and sexual coldness. Life does not seem worth living and suicidal tendencies manifest themselves.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the power center of the being. A harmonious Chakra gives the person a feeling

that he has the power of shaping things. It is associated with the lower back, abdomen, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder and the automatic nervous system. The organ that is governed by this Chakra is the Pancreas. The body absorbs solar energy through this chakra. This nurtures the ethereal body and energizes and maintains the physical body. Emotional energy is also governed by this Chakra. Personality traits and social identities are determined by it. Since it is located between the lower and higher chakras it has the additional function of purifies the basic instincts and directing the creative energy to higher values of life. It is also connected to the astral body and helps us integrate our feelings, wishes and experiences harmoniously. A block solar plexus chakra deprives the individual of the zest for life. The person feels gloomy, unbalanced and moody. Negative vibrations impact the individual through this chakra. The person is restless and attempts to manipulate everything in accordance with his or her own wishes. There is a persistent feeling of inadequacy, which drives them to ceaseless activity. The person gets easily threatened and tends to feel dejected and discouraged. The person insists that obstacles are preventing them from realizing the true goals of life.

It is clear that the symptoms of a person in the grip of acute depression are as much physical as emotional and psychological. A block will exist in the root chakra, the naval chakra and the Solar plexus Chakra. The creative energies of the person will be at an all time low and the person will avoid situations where he or she has give expression to his or her feelings. He is self indulgent, selfish, self-centred and suffers from a large number of ailments related to the stomach and has a tendency to put on weight. He or she will lack physical stamina and will be moody, irritable, aggressive and defensive. He will have no interest in life and will refuse to socialize.


Many Reiki practitioners combine crystal therapy with Reiki to stimulate the chakras. Limonite, Lapis Lazuli, Pietersite, and Turquoise are used to stimulate the sacral Chakra Wardite, Mesolite, Jasper, and Jet, help the base chakra open up. The Solar Plexus Chakra is stimulated by chrysanthemum stone, gypsum, jasper, obsidian and rutilated quartz is used to stimulate all the chakras. 

Crystals for Depression

Smoky Quartz - Easily found and very reasonably priced, Smokey Quartz is a great crystal to work with if

you’re feeling frazzled and overworked by stress and depression. It’s one of the best stones to hold for grounding our energy, so it works hard to channel excess energy down your chakras and out into the ground leaving you only with the positive energy you need. This calming stone removes fear and lifts your mood. It helps you to tolerate and accept your situation while you’re going through it. Smokey Quartz lifts your mood and helps bring positivity into your life.

Lepidolite - This beautiful purple stone absorbs negative thoughts, especially obsessive ones, and works to open the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. Lepidolite contains lithium, so it works to stabilize mood swings and bipolar disorders. It also helps the wearer to make good decisions with clarity and confidence. Emotionally, it’s a very calming stone that aids sleep and balances excessive energy. It helps you to stand in your own space and speak your truth.

Tiger’s Eye - This golden brown stone combines the energy of the earth with the vibrancy of the sun to create the perfect level of vibrational healing. It works to ground your energy while lifting your vibration to more positive thinking. It’s a very protective stone that was traditionally used to ward off ill-wishes, spells and curses. Tiger’s Eye works to protect your aura from taking on the negativity of those around you. Wear it when you know you’re going to be in a confrontational situation or when you’re going to be around a negative person. The golden light in this stone helps to increase your feelings of self-worth and self-love – the two best weapons against depression.

Citrine or Smoky Citrine - Please use natural Citrine as it is much more effective. Citrine helps absorb negative energy, while bringing positive energy into the aura. It can help develop a more positive mindset. Smoky Citrine is not so easy to find but worth seeking out. It is natural Citrine that has a light or dark smoky hue to it, or even a smoky Phantom formation inside. Smoky Citrine is a very powerful mood lifter with a deeply detoxifying effect.

Sunstone - Sunstone is peachy orange pink in colour and may have glittering sparkles inside. This stone is also a great mood lifter. It will infuse your emotional body with a lighter energy, leading to a more positive outlook. It is quite gentle to use if you find some crystals too strong for you.

Smoky Quartz - This dark and smoky to brown form of Quartz is easy to find and generally inexpensive to

buy. Smoky Quartz is a popular crystal for absorbing negative energy and negative thought patterns. If carried with you or worn daily, please remember to cleanse it frequently.

Rose Quartz - This is an abundantly available soft milky pink Quartz that nobody should be without. Rose Quartz can be helpful for those that suffer from depression because it is so comforting. This crystal brings in soothing and healing energy to the Heart Chakra and helps you be gentle to yourself and develop self love. A good crystal for stress management too.


Here is a link to a list of foods that help combat depression:

Another thing you can try is St Johns Wort tablets (can buy in boots). They are all herbal etc but you have to be careful if you’re on the pill. They effect hormone levels etc and can stop it working.

Bachs flower remedies

I personally, combine Reiki treatment with Bach Flower treatment and crystal therapy as I find that it accelerates the healing. You can buy them online and some of them you can get in Boots. The following ones are all related to depression.. You add a few drops to water in sip during the day or you can put drops directly on your tongue.

Elm - When you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed because you are overworked or have too many responsibilities, Elm is the remedy of choice.

Gentian - When you feel pessimistic, discouraged, or have lost faith.  It is used for depression when a person knows the reason for his or her sadness.

Gorse - When you feel hopeless, that there is nothing that can be done for you, or resigned to your less-than-ideal fate, gorse may be helpful.

Mustard - Mustard is used for sadness or depression that has no apparent cause.  It feels like a dark cloud has blocked out happiness and joy.

Sweet Chestnut - Selected for feelings of hopelessness, Sweet Chestnut reflects a long, courageous battle that feels lost.  It is particularly suited when it feels like an inner transformation is occurring and a “dying off” of a person’s old self is taking place.

Willow - Willow is best suited for negativity and a tendency to blame others for the problems in life.  Alternatively, if your sadness is linked to a grudge that you’re holding onto but would like to let go of, Willow is a good choice.

Rescue Remedy - When you’re not sure which remedy to choose, Rescue remedy is a good choice.  It is a combination of five remedies and is used to help manage stress, trauma, and, of course, sadness.

Essential Oils

Below is a short list of just of a few of the oils that can be used for grief. Using an oil burner or even putting

the oil directly onto the skin on the wrists and behind the ears can be really effective. 

Soothing oils










ylang ylang

Uplifting Oils






Essential oils used for depression are:

Basil, bergamot, cedar wood, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, jasmine,

myrrh, neroli, rose, sandalwood, spruce, orange and ylang ylang.

You can buy a few in boots/holland and barret or you can order them online. try to look for a pure/organic oil not perfume though. You may wish to try blending some of these oils, as you will get a greater effect than using the oils on their own


The different colours used to evoke positive emotional responses generally include orange, blue, indigo, and violet. Depression is linked to the lower three chakras therefore using the colours red and orange and a little yellow should help. Try wearing the colours, eating and drinking foods which are the colours, get coloured bath bombs and bath in the colours etc etc.

Orange - Symbolizing the sun, the colour orange is said to treat depression by increasing alertness and concentration, and by decreasing feelings of dread.

Blue - The most common colour used in colour therapy, blue is used to reduce tension throughout the body, helping with both anxiety and depression. It may also benefit a regular sleep cycle.

Indigo - The calming effect of indigo makes it a good choice for people with depression or anxiety.

Violet - Like indigo, violet relaxes the mind and body. Proponents of colour therapy claim that it can relax muscles and encourage meditation.


Exercise naturally boosts serotonin levels - your happy hormones! Try going for a run, or go to a dance

class or do an aerobics fitness video on youtube etc. Studies found that 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise three times a week was as effective at relieving symptoms of depression in the short term as antidepressant medication. The study also found that depression was less likely to return in people who continued to exercise after the initial trial.


Yoga is a mind-body exercise. A yoga routine moves through a series of poses that help improve balance, flexibility, strength, and focus. The poses are thought to:

align the spineimprove mental clarityrejuvenate the nervous systemreduce stresspromote relaxation and emotional wellness

Meditations & Mantras


There are loads of amazing guided meditations online for depression - here are a few I’ve found..

Guided imagery is also called visualisation. It is a method of communication between body and mind that utilises perception - vision, smell, taste, touch - along with position and movement to produce a relaxation response. Guided imagery involves mentally seeing pictures of relaxing situations, such as a sunset on the beach, a flowing mountain waterfall, or a brilliant mountain sunrise.

As you use all your senses during imagery, you will actually make an effort to:

Smell the flowers and treesFeel the breeze or temperatureFeel the texture of the surface under your feetHear all the sounds in nature

While some people are better at imagining than others, anyone can master this simple relaxation technique. You can use guided imagery during massage or another touch therapy to boost your relaxation and your feelings of serenity and peacefulness. Much like learning to play the piano or tennis, becoming skilled at guided imagery involves time, patience, and practice. It is one relaxation skill that cannot be rushed or hurried.

Other Energy Healing Methods

acupuncture, reiki, reflexology or shiatsu. They aren’t always cheap but boy do they work!!!

Please remember you are not alone. If you are suffering with depression please do reach out on our forum page for support.

So much love & Light to you on your healing journey.


Elena x

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. Where essential oils are mentioned, it’s recommended you use only pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils and follow the safety directions of the manufacturer.

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