Energy Healing

The Orange       ree


Submerge yourself in incense and aromatherapy, tailored specifically to each healing session, whilst a reiki healer takes you on a meditative journey inside your mind. Each of the 7 classes will focus on healing 1 of the 7 chakras with the use of crystals and visualisation. What makes this experience truly unique is the use of music which has been crafted with the healing frequencies of Mother Earth herself at 432Hz. This block of classes is designed to take you on a healing journey, helping to bring back the happy, healthy, you.

Group Healing

Current Classes

Corporate Wellbeing 

Are your staff suffering with stress and anxiety? Or is life getting a little too much for some that they bring their drama to work or worse have to take days off to deal with it all..?


The Orange Tree's Welbeing course could be just the solution. We take over an office space for an hour a week for 6 weeks and educate your team how to manage their emotions and recognise their triggers. With the aid of aromatherapy and music we will take you on a healing journey of visualisation and meditation, giving you the tools to cope. A happy and healthy employee is an effective member of the team. 

Chakra Balance

Let the crystals, aromatherapy, guided meditation, chi harnessing exercises, chanting and visualisations, help you balance your energies and manifest a life of abundance.

There are currently no classes running, however if you are interested in joining one of our upcoming future classes do click on the button below.