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Corporate Wellbeing

Are your staff suffering with stress and anxiety? Or is life getting a little so much for some, that they bring their drama to work or worse have to take days off to deal with it all..?


The Orange Tree's Corporate Wellbeing course could be just the solution.


All we need is a quiet space or office for an hour a week for 7 weeks. 


There is countless research that shows that mindfulness and meditation increases productivity. You can check out more stats on our blogpost here


This 7 week course aims to educate your team how to manage their emotions and recognise their triggers. With the aid of aromatherapy and music we will take them on a healing journey of visualisation and meditation, giving them the tools they need to cope.


A happy and healthy employee is an effective member of the team.

£1200 - up to 15 pax

The 10 most compelling benefits of workplace meditation:

  1. Meditation can lead to a 30% decrease in stress-related symptoms that often lead to serious illness.

  2. Meditation enhances neural pathways in the brain responsible for concentration and attention.

  3. A study found that 10 days of guided meditation can reduce stress by 14% and reduce irritability by 27%. Three weeks of use was shown to increase compassion by 23% and reduce aggression by 57%.

  4. Meditation could decrease race and age bias. 

  5. Meditation improved productivity in the workplace. It was found that absenteeism fell by 85%, productivity rose by 120% and injuries dropped by 70%.

  6. Meditation can increase one’s ability to interpret facial expressions. This leads to a deeper sense of compassion that can strengthen relationships in the workplace.

  7. Mindfulness training affects the workplace environment and is very effective in reducing burnout (mean difference = 0.3, p< 0.001), reducing perceived stress and improving wellbeing.

  8. Meditation improves problem-solving abilities and increases out of the box ideas both of which are skills that can be beneficial in the workplace.

  9. Meditation can reduce anxiety and depression, making workers more optimistic and increasing their satisfaction with their careers.

  10. Meditation can have a longer-lasting effect on reducing stress levels than a vacation. “After 10 months, the vacationers’ stress levels returned to baseline, while the meditators’ reduced stress levels persisted.”

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