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The Orange Tree is here to help  those who are on a healing journey, and understand that  it must start from within. Here you will find the keys to unlocking your true potential, both physically, mentally and spiritually. We provide the highest quality group healing  sessions, private Reiki healing sessions as well as life changing group healing retreats, to the most inspiring places all over the globe.

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Are YOUR Chakras Balanced?

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Bring Back the Happier, Healthier You

Group Healing
Group Healing Sessions

Let the crystals, aromatherapy, guided meditation, chi harnessing exercises, chanting and visualisations, help you balance your energies and manifest a life of abundance.

Reiki Heaig
Private Reiki Sessions

Let the universal light flood through every cell in your body,balancing your chakras and aiding all medical/emotional/past life issues


Submerge yourself, whilst releasing all negative energy with unique group healing classes, all vegetarian food and stunning locations around the world.



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The Orange Tree is owned by Elena Carter. Elena is a fully certified Reiki Master.  She learnt a mixture of Dr. Usui and Mrs Hawayo Takata's natural self-healing systems and how to give/receive Reiki energy treatments for improved health and well being. Elena is also a certified Crystal Healing practitioner and Shamanic Life Coach using Art Therapy.  She also holds Diplomas in Aromatherapy and Holistic Herbalism and Mindfulness and a Foundation Diploma in Natropathy. Elena also holds a BSc Hons in Sport and Exercise Science.


This combination of science and spirituality give her a unique understanding and grounding in the field. 

Elena went on to continue her journey into southern India where she studied the art of Ayurveda and Panchakarma at Anjali - Ayurvedic Research Centre and School, Kerala.


Elena, very spiritual by nature, is also hugely involved within the creative arts.  She is a professional aerial dancer - performing internationally at high end events and weddings from a young age.  Her artistic flair and passion for life have given her many opportunities to travel and experience the many natural wonders the world has to offer.  From India to Costa Rica, Thailand to Mauritius, Africa to Australia, Europe and beyond it was these experiences that have helped her to become the person she is today.


From a young age she has had a desire to ’heal the world’  and becoming a Reiki practitioner has helped her turn the corner in her life on to this path of rejuvenation and spiritual healing. A kind, caring and reflective individual, Elena is professional and a highly skilled energy healer. It has been said by many that she holds a natural gift.




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- Janine. M

- Chris. B

"A series of regular reiki sessions with Elena helped me to rebalance and recover from an intense period of prolonged stress and injury."

- Esther. S

"The right environment and auditory stimulus to provide a deep and full relaxation state. Very calming effect and the stones used are helping to reach this state. Elena is a very sensitive and gentle practitioner. Highly recommended."

- Fred. N

"It was a dreamy, warm experience. I feel so clear about the things I want to achieve this year and am feeling more confident and positive about everything in general.”

"Never before have I felt such strong energies passing through me. You have a real gift Elena” 
Celebration & Ceremony
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower

Celebrate the moments of your life with sacred ceremony including:


Mama's Blessing / Baby Shower

Hen Parties

Baby Naming 

Wedding Day Zen



Reiki Healing

To book a reiki healing session please complete the following booking enquiry form and wait for your confirmation email. You can then either pay online via the link below or cash is always welcome.

60 Minutes: £45

30 Minutes: £35

Group Healing Class

We don't currently have any group classes running...if you don't want to miss out on a life changing experience...drop us your details in a email.


We don't currently have any retreats running...if you don't want to miss out on a life changing experience...drop us your details using the link below and we will keep you informed.


Celebrate the moments of your life with sacred ceremony including:


Mama's Blessing / Baby Shower

Hen Parties

Baby Naming 

Wedding Day Zen

Celebrations & Ceremony


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