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Energy Balancing

Guided Meditations

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06/04/20 -18/05/2020

at 15.00-15.45

£6 (donations to Paypal -

Or book in via Move GB or Class Pass. 


Home Harmony

There is so much fear at the moment surrounding us all and many people are feeling out of balance and a little overwhelmed. We are beings of light, vibrating molecules of energy. By aligning and balancing your energy centres you can bring health, happiness and abundance into your life.


This is a series of 7 guided meditations. Each one is crafted around each of the different energy centres or chakras. This means that over the 7 weeks you will obtain balance in all areas of your life, body and mind. Each session will be slightly different, starting with opening a sacred space and then incorporating a mix of: Guided Meditation Visualisation Distance Reiki Qi Gong Exercises Chanting Oracle Reading Shamanic Life Coaching. Stay home in harmony...



The Class will be held on Zoom


06/04/20 -18/05/2020

at 15.00-15.45

£6 (donations to Paypal - or book in via Move GB or Class Pass. 


Really excited to be able to connect with you all in this way! 

Love & Light 

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